Monday, October 4, 2010

Online resources abound

I did some Google searches on Taishanese (15,300 results) and 台山話 (405,000 results). There are plenty of pages and videos—even some introductory lessons on the Taishanese language. Holy cow!

Back when I started learning about Taishanese, there were hardly any resources available online. How the times have changed! Now I feel completely overwhelmed. This is probably a good thing. It looks like I’ll never have a lack of topics to post about.

I’m slowly filling up lists of links and blogs. If you have suggestions you think I should check out, please don’t hesitate to drop a comment and let me know.


  1. Hi, thanks for linking to my blog. I hadn't heard of the other blogs on your blogroll, so definitely I'm glad you took the trouble to find them and me :)

  2. My pleasure. Your blog is a great resource, and I’m delighted to have come across it.

  3. I'm in the middle of building a Taishanese Language page with a conversational course and a mini-dictionary. Please visit

    The goal is to provide free on-line resources related to Taishanese. I'd like to have feedbacks.


  4. Hi Stephen, a belated thanks! I neglected to set up comments being directed to my inbox, so it has taken me some time to read your comment. I’ve included a link to your site and plan to visit it more soon!

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  6. Hello again, Aaron. I have been checking through your blog, and I still haven't found a link to the 開平方言辭典. A few years back (2008, to be exact) I found one on the Hoiping local government website. Back then, I could hardly find anything on the dialect, I took it and downloaded it. Since then, the original seems to have disappeared from the internet.

    Here is a small sample from it:

    新历年 lhen' led` nin* 公历年 2052
    新郎哥 lhen' long* gu- 新郎  2053
    新闻纸 lhen' mun* ji- 报纸  2054
    擤鼻  lhen' vei`-   擤鼻子 2055
    秀才  lheu' toi*-  秀才   2056
    楔   lhib'     塞缝   2057
    楔台脚 lhib' hoi> gieg' 给桌脚塞物2058
    楔}   lhib-  皮肉中的刺2059

    It has 4135 Hoiping specific words, all arranged like this. Character-romanisation-Hoiping characters-Mandarin translation - number of entry.

    I copied and pasted the whole thing back then into three documents, and have fiddled around with it, changing the character set into the traditional set in one section.

    It really is an excellent resource, and if you don't have it already I'd be happy to send it to you so you could put it on your blog. I can't work out how to do it, because there is no contact address here. Suppose I could always post it on my Hokkien blog....but it isn't Hokkien.

    I also own a PhD thesis called "The Taishan Dialect" written in the 50's, which I can scan and send. It has a short explanation of grammar, and a few stories and anecdotes.

  7. Well, I removed the first post to correct it a bit, then posted a second one that hasn't come out. What I wrote about was a 4135 word list of Hoiping words, that I copied in 2008 from the Hoiping government website, and have been unable to find again. It was a bit like this:
    but much longer and better organised. I'm happy to send it to you.

  8. Meaning...I've been unable to find the link for it again, but I still have the whole thing in a word file.

  9. @Kim-mô• Âng-mô•: I’d definitely be interested in this word list. Anything you’d like to send me I’ll be more than happy to post here. I plan to organize much of this information on a more accessible website starting in July, as I have a serious deadline coming up at the end of the June.

    As for the word list—I used to have a book, 開平方言, edited by Deng Jun 鄧鈞, which included a very nice list of words. I made the regrettable decision of lending it to someone who I knew would be unable to return it to me. I think you would find this book useful if you can get your hands on it. You can see a list of some other Taishanese materials that I compiled with my friend Dominic Yu, currently a PhD candidate in linguistics at UC Berkeley.

    1. Hi, I was wondering if I could check out the Hoiping vocab list as well.

  10. Hi again Aaron, I think that what I have might be the vocab list from that book. Here is a bit to whet your appetite:

    唐人       hong* ngen*        中国人      1499
    唐人街      hong* ngen* gai>   唐人街     1500
    塘魚       hong* ngui*        人工养殖魚    1501
    唐山       hong* san'1        中国       1502
    塘虱       hong* sed-         鲇魚       1503
    糖水       hong* sui-         甜品       1504
    唐装衫      hong* zong' sam>   中式便服    1505
    唐装       hong* zong'-       中式服装    1506
    后尾枕      hou` mei- jim-     后脑勺儿    1507
    兔        hu'            兔子       1508
    破柴       hu' cai>-         劈柴       1509
    拖鞋       hu' hai*-         拖鞋       1510
    铺頭       hu' hao*-         商店       1511
    铺位       hu' vui`-         铺子       1512
    婆        hu*            成年女性     1513
    菩提子      hu* hai* du-       葡萄干      1514

    As you can see, it uses the romanisation System from the 開平方音字典 I have gone through changing the characters back to traditional form, but not all of them are done.

  11. Gee am I half asleep or what?....I aleady posted a bit before and completely forgot about it!