Saturday, January 22, 2011

Study Time

When I was studying linguistics, our professors never hesitated to emphasize that linguists study language, but are not necessarily masters of it. Although I spent many years studying the structure of Taishanese, I am by no means a fluent speaker. In fact, my Chinese is really bad overall, no matter what dialect I (attempt to) speak. My reading and writing is better, but not by much.

So this blog is probably most useful as a catalog of my Taishanese learning pursuits, in addition to whatever side comment I might have. I plan to devote the next 18 months to sprucing up my Taishanese skills using the Chinese-Cantonese (Toishan) Basic Course. The goal right now is to post once a week, covering at least one lesson a week.

With seven volumes totaling 146 lessons, I could be blogging here for the next three years if I can keep it up!

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