Monday, September 5, 2011

Basic Course: Lesson 18 Vocabulary

This lesson focuses on how things are done, and so the vocabulary focuses on a number of new adjectives. Note that differing pronunciations in the Kaiping dictionary are provided in brackets.

  1. 乜 · mōt · what? something, anything, what kind of…? any, some, why?
  2. 貴(好價)· gwi [gui] (hō ga) · honorable; (expensive)
  3. 有乜盛事 · yiu mōt sìng [sèn] lhù · what can I do for you? Can I help you?
  4. 順便 · sùn-bìng* [vìn] · at one’s convenience, to take the opportunity of
  5. 拜候 · bai-hàu [vai-hàu] · to visit, call on
  6. 想 · lhīang · to desire, think, hope, expect, want
  7. 走 · dāu · to leave, go away
  8. 勤力(行)· kïn-lìk · industrious, diligent
  9. 夠 · gau · enough, sufficient
  10. 快 · fai · fast, quick, prompt, hurry
  11. 慢 · màn · slow, slowly
  12. 清楚 · ting-chō [ten-chū] · plainly, clearly, distinctly
  13. 講得清楚 · gōng-ak ting-chō [ten-chū] · to speak clearly
  14. 疚(悸)· gao (gwùi [gui]) · tired, fatigue

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  1. I really like your lessons -- is there any way you can add some sound to the lessons so I can hear how the phrases actually sound? I really appreciate the effort you put into these lessons.

    Vancouver, BC

    PS: My late father was from Sun Wui one of the 4 Counties

  2. Thanks, RC. I’m working on organizing these lessons onto a website; one of my projects has been to clean the noise off the audio files before uploading them to the website. I’m also trying to put more of the lessons on YouTube, as I did with lesson four. This whole project (blog, video, etc.) has been put onto the backburner for a few weeks due to some more pressing concerns of mine, but stay tuned for more updates in November!