Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Still Here!

I haven’t blogged in recent days, not for a lack of lessons to post (I have a whole stockpile of lessons transcribed!), but rather because I’ve been setting up a database. I’ve been going back through the lessons and entering the words and phrases into a database with both the Basic Course and Kaiping Dictionary information. I figured it was about time to put my lexicographic experience to good use! There’s not much spare time for me to do this; most of my work on this blog involves writing up the posts on a Saturday morning and scheduling them to release sequentially during the following weeks. Additionally, I’m in the midsts of revamping my personal website and organizing some of these posts into static pages to make the blog easier to follow and explore for first-time visitors. Until I get that all together, I’m going to hold off on new lesson posts, probably for another two weeks.

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