Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Basic Course: Lesson 3

The third lesson in the Basic Course simply expands on the drills in lesson two. That lesson introduced the consonants, while the first lesson introduced the tones and vowels. The drills are pretty repetitive, and if I weren’t such a horrible speaker already, I would ignore them altogether.

I’ve uploaded all the pronunciation files in the first three lessons onto my smart phone, and I’ve been listening to them as I drive around Southern California. Sometimes I repeat after the reader, but otherwise, I like to think of it as an easy way to assimilate Taishanese rhythm and melody into my linguistic experience. You can download these audio files yourself at Ben’s Cantonese Practice Journal. (Ben, you are seriously my hero.)

I can’t wait to start working on real words and phrases next week in lesson four!


  1. Hi, I'm glad you are liking the audio.

    I agree the drills are extremely repetitive. Wait until you get to around lesson 25 and they really focus on months and weekdays. The lessons start with 1 simple sentence like "hello, how are you?" then launch into about 12 sentences in the form "if this year is 1967 then what year is next year", for several lessons in a row.

  2. It sounds like I’ve got quite a bit to look forward to then ;)