Monday, February 21, 2011

Basic Course: Lesson 6 Dialogue

Here’s the lesson six dialogue. As in the previous lesson, it’s been retranscribed according to my revised romanization. It’s already getting to the point where the dialogue’s running into multiple lines!

1 A: 你好嗎? Ni hō ma?
  B: 我好。你呢? Ngoi hō. Ni nē?
  A: 我好好。 Ngoi hō hō?
2 A: 該一間係唔係學校? Kwọi yīt-gan hài m̈-hài hòk-hàu?
  B: 係,該一間係學校。 Hài, kwọi yīt-gan hài hòk-hàu.
3 A: 嚀一間學校有冇班房呀? Nịng yīt-gan hòk-hàu yiu-mo ban-fọng* a?
  B: 有,嚀一間學校有班房。 Yiu, nịng yīt-gan hòk-hàu yiu ban-fọng*.
4 A: 該一間班房有冇先生呀? Nịng yīt-gan ban-fọng* yiu-mo lhing-sang a?
  B: 冇,嚀一間班房有先生。 Mo, nịng yīt-gan ban-fọng* mo lhing-sang.
5 A: 嚀一間班房有冇黑板呢? Nịng yīt-gan ban-fọng* yiu-mo hāk-bān ne?
  B: 有,該一間班房有黑板。 Yiu, kwọi yīt-gan ban-fọng* yiu hāk-bān.
6 A: 該一間班房有學生冇呢? Kwọi yīt-gan ban-fọng* yiu hòk-sang mo ne?
  B: 冇,該一間班房冇學生。 Mo, kwọi yīt-gan ban-fọng* mo hòk-sang.
7 A: 嚀一間屋有牆冇呢? Nịng yīt-gan ūk yiu tiäng mo ne?
  B: 有,該一間屋有牆。 Yiu, kwọi yīt-gan ūk yiu tiäng.
8 A: 該一間屋有窗嗎? Kwọi yīt-gan ūk yiu tong ma?
  B: 冇,嚀一間屋冇窗。 Mo, nịng yīt-gan ūk mo tong.
9 A: 嚀一間屋有門嗎? Nịng yīt-gan ūk yiu mön ma?
  B: 有,該一間屋有門。 Yiu, kwọi yīt-gan ūk yiu mön.
10 A: 唔該,唔該。 M̈-goi, m̈-goi.
  B: 唔使唔該。 M̈-sōi m̈-goi.

You can use the vocabulary list in the previous post to translate these questions and answers. If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to post in the comments below.

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